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Let’s get straight to the point: our software makes it easy to takeoff and price anything… and our pricing model is simple too. You’ve got three options: Contractor, Professional or Expert.

Each option includes all the basics, but the more advanced packages include some of the most powerful time-saving tools. You can find out exactly what you get at each level by checking out our Pricing page.

Let’s see exactly how RapidBid will save you time and money…










Unlock advanced take-off tools to speed up projects.

Full estimating functionality with a custom database.

Our most powerful software including live price updates.

Your standard Australian tradie’s got a lot on his plate. You’ve got to run your firm, keep an eye on your workers and bid for work. And RapidBid estimating software’s all about making that last one simple and painless.

Bidding on a project’s already hard work before you pick up your tools. All over the construction industry, electricians, builders, landscapers and plumbers are hunched over tables in quiet corners with a pile of papers and a pencil, spending hours doing their takeoffs by hand.

That’s probably how you do your takeoffs and estimates.

How long does it take you? All the checking through plans, organising papers, measuring and checking and totaling? If you’re getting a project taken off and quoted in less than five hours, then you’re faster than most people we’ve spoken to.

Five hours of scribbling and counting, just to get numbers to drop into a spreadsheet for a construction job you’re not even guaranteed to win.

RapidBid’s a better way of doing it. Instead of working it all out with a ruler and a pencil, highlighting everything by hand, RapidBid’s software lets the computer take the strain.

A couple of clicks and everything’s measured, coloured in and counted. All you need to do is give it the once over, check you’re happy with the numbers and get the quote to your customer.

A quote you’re getting to them quicker than any of your competitors. With RapidBid’s estimation program, you’re first in, best dressed, and you’ve suddenly got spare hours to play with.

How does RapidBid estimating software make life easier for Australian tradies?

You’ve been in the business a while, so you’ll have your own ways of taking off and estimating for a project. But we’ll be surprised if it’s too different from the way all the contractors we’ve worked with since the 1980s takeoff their projects.

Builders, electricians, plasterers – they all get their quantities and prices the same way, and it starts with a stack of papers.

You’ve had your plans from the architect, or the project manager, or the client themselves. Your drawings, and the plumber’s plans, and the landscaper’s, and the information for the bloke who’s paving the poolside patio. All zipped up in a file that you need to unpack and check through to pick out what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve had fun opening and closing PDFs and copying what you need, it’s time to get those drawings off the PC and onto the drawing table. Whether you’re paying a printer or just buying the ink, that’s time and expense you could do without.

How much time have you wasted already, just getting to the point where you can do the takeoffs on the first full size drawing?

Never mind, because there’s now more time to be spent. Not on site where you’re most useful, or with your family and friends where you’re most happy. Not now, because there’s drawing to be done.

Measuring, scaling, colouring – it’s nobody’s idea of a fun night in, and if you’re anything like most of our customers, it’s your evenings you’re spending on this.

Hours of drawing later, and it’s time for the counting. The counting, the next lot of counting, and then the checking and double checking because the counting needs to be right and there’s always something breaking your concentration. And mis-counting the area of a room or the length of wiring a project needs is a great way to undercut yourself and lose out on the money you need.

Finally you’re done. You’ve got the quantities, and you can finally drop them into a spreadsheet to get your price.

And then you can start on the next drawing, because no building project only needs you to takeoff one page of plans. So good luck with that, because getting your quote wrong will cost you money and getting it in late can cost you the job.

Eventually, in five hours’ time, you should have a quote and be ready to put your bid in.

Or you could use RapidBid’s estimating software and get it done in about sixty minutes. If you’re wondering how much time that saves each month, our calculator will help you out.

Straight up, RapidBid’s saving you time. The takeoff software helps you grab the plans you need in seconds with previews that load in less than a second and a quick yes/no button that collects what you need and ignores the rest.

After that it’s time to simplify your plans. The takeoff software’s one-click technology removes all the background noise, and you’ve got a clear plan to work with. Click a few more times to mark and colour materials or scale and measure areas, and the quantity list’s done.

Drop in the prices, out comes your fully costed bid, and you’re four hours better off into the bargain. And when your client or the architect has an idea and changes the plan, RapidBid compares the plans and identifies any changes instantly.

Suddenly you’ve got a question to ask yourself. “What do I do with four hours of free time?”

Some of our clients crack open a cold one and enjoy themselves. The really clever ones just use the time to takeoff and cost up more bids. Four times as many bids as before, for four times as much business and all the profit that comes with it.

Not bad for some clever computer code that only costs you a few cents per day.

Any trade, any project.

One take-off and quantity surveying software tool.

What’s your trade? Are you building walls, fitting pools or wiring offices? Do you paint, dig or plaster? No matter what you do, RapidBid’s designed to save you time and help you win more business.

If you’re a builder, RapidBid works as builders estimating software, and it’ll help you measure walls, work out how much of each material you’ll need, and save you time so you can get back out on site and get your hands dirty.

RapidBid estimating software makes it simple to calculate areas and square footage, so it’s indispensable for anyone who’d rather spend their time with rollers and brushes instead of the pencils and highlighters that make painting estimating such a tedious task.

Indoors or outdoors, fitting tiles, rails or air conditioning – it doesn’t matter. RapidBid has been designed to make life simple for landscapers too, making it perfect for estimating fencing, decking, landscaping or pool jobs. Clicking the big green button gives you what you need.

Estimating Software That’s Backed by Experts

You’ve heard all sorts of boasts from all sorts of people. But when it comes to our estimating software and takeoff software, we’ve backed up our boasts. Sure, we’ve worked with tradies all over the world for over 30 years, but we’ve also had experts check out RapidBid to make sure that it really can save four hours per quote.

The expert we picked is a professor of business psychology at UCLA and he’s pretty clear about what he found:

  • RapidBid makes it 90% quicker to get a total
  • And our software’s calculations are 100% accurate
  • The tradie takes five hours to scale, colour and count for a bid
  • RapidBid produces that same bid in one hour
  • The final prices produced by RapidBid match the expected prices costs an experienced tradesman would come up with over 99% of the time

That’s clear. Download our takeoff, quantity surveying and estimating software and you, the hard-working Australian tradie, will save more time and make more money. Seems like a great deal to us.