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Takeoff and price any job, up to 80% faster.

Create winning bids in less than half the time

Excellent 1:1 training and support

Designed to make estimating easy for tradies

Builders' estimating software

Our construction software is taking Australia’s builders and tradies out of the office

RapidBid builders estimating software is made for those tradies in the construction industry who’ve already got enough on their plates. You’ve got a business to run, books to balance, sites to oversee and property to build. So five hours hunched over plans just to put a bid together’s hard work you aren’t looking forward to doing.

So that’s where we come in. For a couple of dollars a day, RapidBid gives you all the tools you need to put together your bids and estimates. Small builders and big construction companies across Australia can save hours on every single bid, with software to help you compare and choose drawings, simplify plans and quickly colour, count and scale everything you need for your bid.

Hundreds of builders have tested our program on thousands of projects, and we’ve even had independent experts check RapidBid out too. They all agree – this is a tool that saves time and wins business.

How much time? Upwards of four hours per bid. Days every month, according to our calculator.

How much business? Up to 400%, if you spend the time you save on putting even more bids together.

Don’t just take our word for it. See RapidBid for yourself with a free online demo. The full tool is only a couple of dollars a day.

How RapidBid builders' estimating software saves four hours per bid

RapidBid’s not been thrown together in an afternoon. It’s been designed to save you time, so that’s what it does.

We’ve been in the trade since 1980, working in Australia, in Britain, and anywhere else that tradies need a hand making time-consuming tasks simpler.

Everyone we speak to wants to be out on site or spending time having fun, not standing over a desk shuffling papers and juggling pencils. So we made RapidBid builders estimating software simple to learn, simple to use, and as accurate and reliable as possible.

Here’s how you put together a takeoff and a quote with RapidBid:

What do you need to start your takeoff? The drawings. And they never just send the drawings you want – they send every drawing anyone involved in the construction project could ever need. There’s 20 minutes of painful analysis before you even get started.

RapidBid makes that simpler – preloading all the drawings and asking you a quick question. Do you need this or not?

Yes, and the drawing’s saved for you to takeoff for the bid. No and it’s set aside. All in a couple of clicks.

Now we’ve got your drawings together, you’re probably grabbing your car keys so you can head to the printers and get some full-size drawings printed out. No need. We’ll do all this on your screen.

First, RapidBid scans your chosen drawings and removes all that background clutter with a click. Just the one.

Now it’s time for scaling and drawing. And with the computer helping out, you’re going to turn hours and hours of measuring, sums and notes into a couple more clicks. Click to identify materials, and another click to autocount. A few clicks more and you’ve measured, scaled and coloured.

One last click and it’s all added to your estimate spreadsheet and you’re already taking off the next drawing.

By now, even if you’ve not watched that video of RapidBid in action, you should see just how this construction estimating software saves you hours and hours on every bid.

Four hours, if our expert is to be believed. Four hours that you can spend on site, or enjoying yourself. After all, what’s the use of working this hard if you can’t have some fun at the end of it?

Give our builders' estimating software tool a fair go

If you’re happy to keep reading, we’re happy to keep writing: about how good RapidBid builders estimating software really is; about how it’s been tested by a professor at a leading University; about how it’s helping tradies earn more money.

Still here?

You’re probably wondering what happens next. Well, you’ve already downloaded everything. Now it’s just the matter of the cost.

How does about $5.00 per day sound?

And that’s for the most expensive package we sell. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, our RapidBid Contractor package comes in even cheaper.

Win ONE extra project because of this tool, and you’ve paid for it for years to come. Win an extra job every couple of weeks, and you’ve got all that profit to put towards whatever you’d like. (Oh, and if you change your mind in the first month, we’ll give you your money back.)

See our prices right here.

What do the experts think?

Tradies love RapidBid because it saves them time. Small builders love RapidBid because it’s affordable. Construction companies love RapidBid because it helps them put in more bids, put their quotes in before the competition and win more business.

People in the building trade don’t want to fiddle around with sheets of paper all day. They want to get on site, get their hands dirty, and make something. That’s why they’re builders and not accountants.

Firms from Perth to Sydney have put RapidBid through its paces and found that it makes bidding simple, gives accurate prices, and gives you more time to get out there and do what you want to do.

So the people we made RapidBid for love it. But we weren’t happy with that. We wanted to prove how good this tool is, so we went to an expert. We went to a professor in business psychology at a leading university and got him to test our system.

Here’s what he told us:

Bids that took five hours to do by hand now only take an hour.

The computer put together an accurate quantity and price over 99% of the time – and when it got it wrong, it was only by a percent or so.

Then he looked at how our customers were using all those free hours RapidBid builders estimating software delivered for them. They weren’t spending it on the beach, or in a bar, or watching the match. They’d used it to win more business. Four times as many bids being written, four times as many jobs being done, four times as much profit.

All of that for a couple of dollars a day. You’d be mad not to give RapidBid a try. Maybe builders estimating software could be the greatest purchase your business ever makes.

Sound good?