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Building Automation Software

Cut hours off each bid with our voice and data estimating software

Isn’t your life complicated enough? Home automation, voice and data cabling installations can be tricky without all the added hassle that comes with pricing up your bid without building automation software.

So here’s the solution. Stop pricing up bids without home automation estimation software, and switch to RapidBid.

RapidBid building automation software has one goal. To make sure you spend less time pricing up jobs and more time out on site actually fitting and installing home automation equipment. You know, the part of the job that you actually get paid for.

We’ll help you save time, keep costs down and make sure every estimate you send is accurate.

Swap pencil and paper for a screen and a mouse

Home automation is all about handing over the boring tasks around the house to a computer, and letting it give you a helping hand. Well that’s what our data and voice estimating software is all about too.

RapidBid building automation handles loads of the tricky, time consuming work that goes into every takeoff or estimate or bid. By letting the computer do the work, you get to save time.

How much time? Well, the tradies who download our estimating program say they save at least four hours on every single job they bid on. Four hours that they then spend on site, bidding for even more work, or enjoying some “me” time. And who can blame them? You work hard enough without spending your evenings doing takeoffs. See how many evenings you’ll save by checking out the savings calculator.

Here’s what RapidBid’s building automation software can do for you:

Gets rid of printing costs: You can do everything on-screen, so there’s no need to pay a printer for full scale drawings.

Review and compare in an instant: RapidCompare and RapidReview tools help you to pick the right plans for your bid, and make sure nobody’s changed anything when you weren’t looking.

Auto-measuring: Wondering how much wire or fibreoptic you’ll need? Use the automatic measuring function, and you’ll know.

Auto-counting: How fast can you count all the materials on a plan? RapidBid can do it in half a second.

Easy bids: RapidBid drops quantities and measurements into a spreadsheet, ready for you to add your prices. A few minute’s work and your first in and best dressed.

All that for a couple of dollars a day. You’d be mad to say no.

Try RapidBid building automation software for yourself

If you’re an Australian tradie, you can try our building automation software for 14 days right now and start speeding up your takeoff process. During your trial, you’ll get your hands on all our powerful software features and have access to tutorial videos and PDF guides to help you get started. All for just $0.99.

Just click the button at the bottom of this page. Put RapidBid through its paces, and if you like what you see, you can sign up for one of three affordable packages. Then you get to wonder how you ever got by without our data and voice estimating software!