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RapidBid floor and tiling calculator and cost estimator

You shouldn’t be at your desk all night with a ruler. You should be laying tiles, fitting floors and installing carpets. Our flooring software will save you four hours on your next flooring bid. And when you upgrade to one of our packages, it’ll save you four hours on the next. And the next. And the next.

That’s RapidBid for you. A simple floor and tile calculator and cost estimator that makes all the boring paperwork that your job requires far easier than it’s ever been.

Don’t take our word for it. We didn’t. We had it independently tested by tradies and floor fitters all over the world. They completed estimates for their bids 80% faster than before. Obviously you don’t want to run a focus group, but you can do the next best thing.

A Floor and Tile Calculator, Cost Estimator and Bid Preparation Tool

Four hours though. That’s a long time. Are you really spending that long on takeoffs and estimates for your flooring jobs?

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yes, because if you’re doing a traditional flooring takeoff like all of the tiling tradies we’ve spoken to, you’re jumping through all these hoops just to get your bid in.

And it takes at least five hours to do all of the following (click to expand)

The slow method
The slow method
  1. Download the file of PDFs your client or their architect emailed you
  2. Find a tool to unzip those files, and click in and out of PDFs to find out which drawings you need to cost up the floor
  3. Copy all those drawings and add them to a brand new folder
  4. Email that folder to a printer who you get to pay for full size print outs
  5. Take the first drawing, spread it out on your table and grab a handful of pencils, your notebook, a ruler, a calculator and your PC for the spreadsheet you’ll need later
  6. Carefully measure every bit of the floor by hand, work out the area and count up how many tiles you’ll need, how many square metres of hardwood, how much carpet…
  7. Count up any other materials you’ll need for the job
  8. Double check, just in case you counted wrong. It happens.
  9. Open up a new spreadsheet on your PC and copy all those numbers from your notebook
  10. Check those numbers again in case you’ve copied one down wrong and suddenly knocked three hundred dollars off your price
  11. Repeat it again for every single drawing you’ve got to work on for the job
  12. Add your materials prices to the spreadsheet
  13. And your rates
  14. Check the sums in case you’ve put the wrong sum in the spreadsheet, because you’re a tradie not a computer technician
  15. Check the final price to make sure it seems right
  16. Add that price to a bid for your client
  17. Send them the bid

That’s a lot of work. Wouldn’t you rather be on site, making sure everything’s being done properly? Wouldn’t you rather be earning money instead of all this nonsense? Of course you would.

So here’s how it works with RapidBid (click to expand):

The RapidBid method
The RapidBid method
  1. Get that PDF file, same as always
  2. Use RapidReview to instantly preview files. Clicking one button adds them to your new folder
  3. When that’s done, open that new folder with RapidBid (maybe apologise to your printer because he’s getting no cash from you today)
  4. Drag and click to automatically measure and scale those floor areas
  5. Click a few times to identify extra tiling or flooring materials and let RapidBid count everything automatically
  6. Open the spreadsheet RapidBid’s created (with all the right numbers and all the right sums)
  7. Drop in your rates and prices
  8. Write that price down on your bid
  9. Send the bid to your client four hours sooner than you would’ve
  10. Get on with something more important

See? That’s how you save four hours that you can spend working, winning even more work, or relaxing in front of some Aussie Rules with a hard-earned beer. It’s your life, we’re not going to tell you how to live it.

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