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Takeoff and price any job, up to 80% faster.

Create winning bids in less than half the time

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Mechanical Estimating Software

Save time on every bid with our mechanical and HVAC estimating software

Do you ever sit there and say to yourself “I wish my job was more complicated than it needs to be?” If you’re nodding your head, then we’re sorry. Our mechanical estimating software can’t help you.

But you’re not nodding your head, are you? Nobody, especially not HVAC and mechanical tradies, want their jobs to be more difficult.

That’s why we released RapidBid in Australia. To make life easier. To make sure that it doesn’t take more time to bid for a mechanical job than it would to actually install the HVAC or mechanical equipment in the job itself.

RapidBid keeps your costs down, reduces the time you spend on estimates, and helps you get your bids in first.

Put down the pencil, pick up the mouse and fire up your HVAC estimating software

RapidBid mechanical and estimating software has been designed to simplify your takeoff and bidding process, turning what used to escalate into an evening-long slog into something you can complete in under an hour.

Tradies who download our estimating program save up to four hours on each job they bid on, and they use that time to either pitch for more business and increase their profits, get back on site and make sure their current jobs are going as planned, or just by enjoying more free time. Not that they need to choose – a quick look at our savings calculator shows there’s enough time to do all three.

However you choose to spend the time you’ve saved is up to you. But here’s an idea of just how our bidding and takeoff tools save you time and money:

No printing costs: Unlike manual takeoffs, you can do everything on-screen.

Instant reviews and comparisons: Sifting through drawings? Wondering if anything’s changed? Our RapidCompare and RapidReview tools make checking your drawings and plans a breeze.

Automatic scaling: Measure linear distances and areas in seconds, and tally up just how much ductwork, wiring or other materials are required for a job.

Automatic counting: Once you’ve tagged a material, autocounting will provide you a total for the whole plan in a fraction of a second.

Integrated spreadsheets: No need for note taking. Quantities and numbers are dropped in to your spreadsheet, ready for you to add your prices.

Not bad for a couple of dollars a day, is it?

Get a demo of our HVAC and mechanical estimating software

Tradies can request a free demonstration of our HVAC takeoff software now without purchasing a full subscription.

Just click the button below to sign up for emails about Rapid and include a message to say you’re interested in a demo. We’ll be in touch to show you our mechanical estimating software and how you could use it on your next bid. We can also supply video tutorials and PDF guides to help you navigate the software.