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Hydronic Heating Cost Calculator

Simple-to-use hydronic estimating software

Hydronic heating fitters have a hard enough job actually installing underfloor heating and radiators without having to worry about spending hours taking off plans to work out a hydronic heating cost.

There’s a lot to work out too – floor space and area, materials quantities and costs – and until now you’ve had to work out those areas by hand, measuring and scaling and colouring and scribbling away for hours at a time.

And you could keep doing that. You’re getting the right numbers and you’re winning new hydronics jobs even though it’s taking you up to five hours to get your estimates right.

Or you could save four hours every time you write up a bid.

All you need to do is download RapidBid’s hydronic estimating software and use that to do your takeoffs and estimates.

Just click on the button to arrange a 14 day trial for just $0.99 and try the software for yourself. You won’t need to purchase a full subscription, and we won’t limit the features you have access to. You choose if you want to keep saving time with one of our fully supported software packages, or you choose to go back to the old way.

The slow way.

The question is – would you rather be fitting hydronic heaters or colouring in plans? What’s the best use of your time?

A hydronic heating cost calculator any tradie can use

RapidBid’s hydronic estimating software is designed with tradies in mind. We know you don’t want to have to spend weeks learning how to use a complicated computer program. You just want to turn it on and work out your hydronic heating cost.

So we made RapidBid as simple as possible. We use one-click technology wherever we can to make sure it’s the computer doing the work and not you. We’ve made the interface so easy that even a wet-behind-the-ears kid who’s never done a takeoff before can use it, let alone someone who’s written up and won hundreds of bids.

And on the off chance that our video walkthroughs and quick explanations don’t have you up and running in minutes, we offer full screen-sharing support so that a tech expert can help you make the most of our estimating software and get back to where you’re most useful. On site.

Wondering just how much time you’ll save? You can find out here.

We’ll show you the ropes – arrange your hydronic estimating software trial

Click any of the links on this page, and you’ll be able to try our hydronic heating cost calculator and estimation software for 14 days for just $0.99. You won’t pay for a full subscription and you will have access to all available features. After the 14 days, there is no obligation to continue your trial, the decision to continue with a paid version is entirely up to you.

If you do want to pay for RapidBid, you’ve got a range of options. You pick the package that fits your business from this list and you’ll see an honest, fair price. And that price doesn’t change. What you pay this month is what you’ll pay next month, and six months down the line, or ten years. Fair’s fair.

The full prices for RapidBid’s hydronic heating cost calculator and hydronic estimating software start from just a couple of dollars per day. Less than you’d spend on going to the printers for a full scale drawing every time you need to do a takeoff. It saves you time, and it doesn’t cost much. What could be better for your business than RapidBid?