Powerful, easy-to-use software for insulation contractors.

Takeoff and price any job, up to 80% faster.

Create winning bids in less than half the time

Excellent 1:1 training and support

Designed to make estimating easy for tradies

Insulation Estimating Software - 14 Day Trial

Pipe and Mechanical Insulation Estimating and Take Off Software

There’s no need to spend five hours on a takeoff for your bids. Just download our insulation estimating software before your next bid on a pipe or mechanical insulating job, and you’ll see why tradies all over Australia now seem to have time to spare.

RapidBid might have been designed by techies, but it’s been built for tradies. We know you’re not interested in spending ages fiddling around on the computer, so we use one click tools to help you analyse and select PDF plans, remove backgrounds, scale areas and count materials so that you can price up your projects as quickly as possible.

If you’re used to doing your takeoffs with a pencil, ruler and some marker pens, you’ll be used to spending five hours or more on a bid. With our estimating software, you can put an accurate estimate together in about sixty minutes. That’ll leave you with more time to do more bids, win more business, and have more fun.

Expert-tested insulation estimating software

RapidBid insulation estimating software wasn’t something we threw together on a Friday night after a few beers. Our estimating and takeoff software is based on two things:

Our nearly forty years’ experience of making tools for tradies all over the world (we’ve been making computer software since before home computers were a thing).

Our customers’ experiences of spending far too long working on estimates when they should be installing insulation, or spending time with their families.

We brought all this experience together to make something that makes life for tradies easier and cheaper. Printing costs? Gone. It’s all done on screen. Sifting through ZIP files to find plans? Replaced with a quick preview tool. And that’s before we get to the takeoffs and counting!

Scaling, counting, totaling? All done in a few clicks. Linear measures and scaled areas? No problem. Put down your pencils and sit down at your PC, and you’ll be able to work out how much insulation a project needs in under an hour. RapidBid gives you a quantity spreadsheet, you drop in your prices, and your estimate is ready to send.

We’ve even put RapidBid through its paces with a leading American business professor. He found that after a quick look at our video walkthroughs, the average tradie takes 80% less time to come up with an accurate quote. We used his findings for our savings calculator, so you can see how much time you’re going to save.

Arrange your insulation estimating software demo

Prices for RapidBid begin at a few dollars a day, and when you think about how much time you can save, you’ll agree it’s worth every cent. Especially when you can put out five quotes in the time it used to take you to do one. That’s a 400% increase in the number of jobs you can win straight away.

So let’s get started. Check out our mechanical and pipe insulation estimating software by requesting a free demo. All you need to do is click!