Powerful, easy-to-use software for masonry and carpentry contractors.

Takeoff and price any job, up to 80% faster.

Create winning bids in less than half the time

Excellent 1:1 training and support

Designed to make estimating easy for tradies

Masonry Estimating Software

Carpentry estimating software and masonry cost calculator

Nailing down a price is more work than putting up a wall. At least that’s what tradies all over Australia are telling us. And it’s easy to see why, once they explain all the work that goes into a manual takeoff. But it doesn’t need to be so difficult. Our carpentry and masonry estimating software makes the whole bidding process quick.

That’s why we called it RapidBid.

RapidBid turns your five hour paperwork nightmares into sixty minutes of computer-powered simplicity. One-click technology, automated calculations and near instant counting. We bet you can’t wait to try out our software for yourself.

Give it a go today. See how much time you can save.

A faster, easier way to scale and takeoff carpentry and masonry plans

How many hours a year do you waste on manual takeoffs? The tradies we talk to say that it takes them about five hours per bid – and we all know not all of those bids result in work. Five bids don’t get picked up, and you’ve wasted a full day.

RapidBid masonry and carpentry estimating and quoting software cuts that time down to an hour per bid.

An hour per bid. Saving you four hours every time. Use our tool to put together six bids, and suddenly you’ve got a day back. And as everyone knows, time is money.

Here’s how you put together a bid with RapidBid:

  • Use the tool to open the tender folder
  • Click yes or no to choose the plans you want and ignore the rest
  • Use RapidBid to scale, highlight and measure each drawing
  • Open the new spreadsheet the tool has created – complete with all the sums already done
  • Drop in your material prices and labour rates, then watch the spreadsheet do its job
  • Send that final price to your client

Simple, easy, efficient, and affordable software. And when we say affordable, we mean a few dollars per day.

RapidBid masonry estimating software - Request a free demo

Our software demo gives you the opportunity to see our software in action. You don’t need to purchase or commit to anything, just sign up to our mailing list and send us a request. You can also check how much you stand to save.

All you need to do is click the green button on this page and request a demo of our carpentry and masonry estimating software. Like everything with RapidBid, it really is that simple. So what are you waiting for?