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Painting Estimating Software

A faster, simpler way to bid for a painting contract

You’re a commercial painter, and if you’re reading this you probably don’t (yet) use painting estimating software. So let us ask you a question. What’s the least favourite part of your job?

All the commercial painters and tradies we ask agree. It’s the mind-numbing, time-consuming takeoffs that eat up their evenings or keep them off-site during the day.

We don’t blame them. And we don’t blame you. After all, you got into this job to paint and decorate properties, not to highlight plans and measure lines on a drawing.

So take a stand. For your next tender, for the low price of $0.99 try our painting estimating software for 14 days and trade in the pencil and the ruler for the mouse. You’ll save up to four hours on this bid, the next bid and every other bid, and you’ll be back out on site in no time.

Don’t paint yourself into a corner with the old way of doing things. Choose RapidBid and swap evenings doing takeoffs for evenings painting the town red.

If you arrange a trial of our estimating software now, you won’t even need to read any more bad paint jokes. Promise.

Get your bids in first with our professional painting estimation software

We’re not saying traditional takeoff, totaling and quoting processes give you the wrong figures. After all, you’ve had more than enough practice. All we’re saying, based on our work with painters, tradies, builders and electricians, is that the old ways are far too slow.

How slow? Well, even a bid on a small project can take five hours.

Five hours is a long time for any small business, and it’s a long time for the boss of a larger firm to be away from the site. And if you end up preparing painting bids in the evenings, five hours is a long time to be working when you should be living your life. That’s just one bid – as our calculator shows, the more bids you prepare, the longer you spend on the paperwork.

So RapidBid helps you do the estimating and taking off process in one hour. You get 80% of your time back, all by using our tool.

You’re a professional. You know how estimating for a painting bid works….

You get a file of drawings and architectural plans. Not all of them apply to you, but you’ve got to go through them anyway, unzipping files, opening PDFs and trying to keep track of where you’re up to.

Once you’ve got the right drawings on your computer, you need to get them off the computer, and that means printing costs – if only you were in the printer ink business, you’d have retired by now.

So you’ve found the drawings, you’ve printed them, and now comes the time-consuming part. Scaling and measuring, finding out the areas you’ll need to paint and then estimating the amount of paint or wallpaper you’re going to need to do the job. Remember to write that down, because we’re still not done.

No, after hours and hours of counting and re-counting, you still have to drop all your numbers into a spreadsheet and double check Excel’s sums.

No wonder so many tradies we talk to say that bidding estimates are the most frustrating part of their job.

Flooring and tiling estimates created by the RapidBid pricing program

No wonder so many decide to let RapidBid do the hard work for you. From the ZIP file of drawings through to that final spreadsheet, RapidBid’s going to do the boring bits while you just point and click.

Instantly load and preview the drawings, and click yes or no to put together your own tailored file for RapidBid to work from. We’re talking seconds for something that used to take half an hour.

Once you’ve picked your drawings, the one-click RapidClear tool strips out all of the backgrounds so you can concentrate on the areas that need painting without any distractions. Then click a few more times to measure the drawings so you can calculate how much paint or paper this job needs. And don’t worry, because RapidBid’s going to keep track of all the numbers for you.

RapidBid’s painting estimating software tracks the numbers, then when you’re done it drops them into a spreadsheet that you can trust to provide the right totals.

All that’s left for you to do is drop in material prices from your supplier and your own rates. Then you’ve got the final figure for your painting job, ready to send. Your bid’s done in an hour, and it’s arriving while your competitors are still looking for their highlighter pens.

Functionality without a huge price tag

RapidBid is the result of the experience we’ve gained working on tools for tradies and contractors since 1980. But you wouldn’t know it from the price, which is only pocket change compared to the amount you’ll save in man hours alone.

RapidBid has a range of tools that will help you prepare your bids without hours of manual scaling:

Reviewing: RapidReview helps you review your drawings, and the whole process is rapid. That’s why we called it RapidReview. Click on the image previews to select the drawings you want to takeoff, and RapidBid puts them all in one folder so you don’t keep flicking backwards and forwards.

Backgrounds: A busy drawing makes your life difficult. We make life simple. One click and RapidBid will recognise and remove the backgrounds from your drawings, making it easy for you to measure and colour them.

Counting: Nothing ruins your evening like losing count half way through the totaling process. One click, and RapidBid’s painting estimating software counts everything for you automatically.

Linear and Area Measures: RapidBid Contractor and RapidBid Professional have measuring tools that calculate surface areas – surface areas just like the ones you need to paint. It’s as if we’ve thought of everything..

Estimating: RapidBid Professional comes with bid templates to automatically generate your quotes, or it can drop quantities directly into your own tried and tested estimating spreadsheet.

We make quoting and tendering simple. Prices start from a couple of dollars per day, and if you change your mind in the first 30 days we’ll give you every last cent back. But why would you, when life’s this easy?

Australia’s only independently tested painting estimating software

We built RapidBid based on feedback from tradies like you, but we handed it over to someone totally impartial to test it out for us.

We sent a copy of RapidBid to a leading professor of business psychology and a focus group of over fifty painters, builders and landscapers. Sure, they were American painters, but we pride ourselves on RapidBid being simple enough for anyone to use!

Here’s what our professor told us his focus group said:

  1. It can take up to five hours for a tradie to put together an estimate. But you knew all that already.
  2. RapidBid makes estimating 80% faster. Five hours suddenly become one hour.
  3. Our estimating software delivers more business. It reduces errors and increases accuracy, which makes your customers trust you more. It gives you enough time to send out five times as many quotes, and you’re usually going to be the first in with a bid.
  4. When you look at those three factors, our software delivers 400% more business.

That’s what the impartial expert says, but what do you think. Does our painting estimating software really deliver all this? There’s only one way to find out. Click the link below, and see how you can use RapidBid to price up your next painting job. Once you’ve seen it in action, you’ll know for sure just how easy painting estimating will be. And you’ll be free to start planning how to spend all that extra time.