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Takeoff and price any job, up to 80% faster.

Create winning bids in less than half the time

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Plastering Quote Calculator

Gyprock and drywall calculator software

How does your day usually go? Without a decent plastering quote calculator, we reckon it goes a little bit like this:

Get up, spend a few hours on site installing gyprock and drywall, a quick lunch, a few more hours plastering the walls, and then five hours hunched over plans while you quote on your next job?

That sounds like a decent enough day until you get back to the office. Like tradies all over Australia, you’re spending too long doing takeoffs and estimates. Measuring and calculating areas by hand takes far too long, and it’s cutting into your home life, social life and your work life.

RapidBid’s drywall software and gyprock calculator is a better way to work.

Just click on the link below and we’ll guide you through using our takeoff and estimating software for a bid. It makes it easy for you to choose and sort plans and drawings, makes scaling and measuring a piece of cake, and it can save you up to four hours off every single estimate you work on.

Sound good? Request a free demo now.

A plasterboard calculator built by experts, for Australia’s tradies

RapidBid’s plasterboard calculator and estimating software is simple, affordable and effective. And it should be, because we’ve spent the best part of thirty years listening to tradies in Australia, Britain and all over the world.

They all say the same thing. “It takes too long to put a bid together and I’d rather be doing something else with my time. Make me something that speeds up the takeoff and estimating part of my job.”

So we did. We built RapidBid. And it works.

We know it works, because we got an independent expert to test it. And he tested it on people who need software tools to be simple. Americans.

Our expert at the University of LA put together a focus group of drywall contractors, electricians, builders and plumbers and they all managed to spend 80% less time on their estimates when they used RapidBid. We then put his findings into our own savings analyser, and you know what? Aussie tradies will save just as much.

That means that you spend four fewer hours in the office with a ruler and a notebook every time you want to bid on a job. And you can spend those hours winning more work, checking in on site, or enjoying a well-deserved night off.

See our plastering quote calculator software in action

When we say you’ll see everything our software does, that’s a lot to cover, but we’ll do our best. You see a range of our tools – the takeoff software, the gyprock calculator and the drawing review functions.

If you sign up, you’ve got a range of options. You pick the package that suits you from the list on this page and you pay us a monthly fee that works out to a couple of dollars a day. You’d spend that on printing costs if you keep doing your bids by hand.

Here’s what’s included in the full version of our plasterboard calculator for Australian tradies:

  1. RapidBid review software to help you select the right drawings for your bid
  2. One click background removal to make it easy to measure and scale the walls and area that need gyprock
  3. Simple scaling and counting tools to keep your quantities accurate
  4. Integrated spreadsheets to make it easy to drop in your prices and get your final quote
  5. Full telephone and screen sharing support in case you need extra help

That’s got to sound better than yet another night with the highlighter pens and the pencils. Put RapidBid to the test by arranging a demo of our plastering quote calculator and drywall bidding software. You’ll be glad you did.