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Plumbing estimating software

If we were to ask you (or any other Australian tradies who don’t use plumbing software to create their estimates) to tell us the favourite parts of your job, how far down the list would you go before you got to “manual takeoffs for bids?”

We’ve spoken to plumbers around the world, and they’re pretty clear on the subject. Takeoffs take too long. The bidding process cuts into their free time. They don’t want to spend five hours on a weekday evening shuffling papers, measuring pipes on a drawing and counting the number of taps and washers they’ll need.

Of course you don’t. It’s boring, and it’s hard work that demands concentration.

So we made the whole process easier. Not just for plumbers, but for builders, electricians, pool builders and fence fitters.

We made RapidBid.

RapidBid takes a five hour process of colouring, scaling and measuring, and cuts it down to an hour of clicking a mouse.

Four hours saved on every single bid. Four hours to spend relaxing, or winning even more work. That’s just for one bid – our savings calculator shows that you’ll save upwards of a day every single month.

That sounds like a great deal to us, but we want you to see for yourself. So we offer a free demoof our plumbing estimating software, meaning you see how to use it on real bids.

How long does it take you to calculate a bid? How much will plumbing estimating software speed up that process?

We’ve already said that bidding for a plumbing job takes up to five hours. That’s not a number we made up. It’s a number that came from a professor of business psychology in the USA, and it’s all because of how much work goes into a manual take off.

You can’t just look at a house and say “yeah, that’ll be a few thousand dollars” and expect to win the job and make a profit. You need to go into detail.

First you need the drawings. You need to click in and out of folders, selecting the right drawings, copying them to a new file, taking that to the printer and paying him to give you some full size plans for the take off.

Or you can use RapidBid to review and choose the plans you want to takeoff on your computer screen.

Then out comes the ruler, the pencils, the highlighters, the notepad. Hours of careful measuring, calculating and marking up. Hours of colouring, and double checking that you’ve not thought a background detail was actually a shower to be installed.

Or you can use RapidBid’s plumbing software to remove the backgrounds with a click, then scale and colour the simplified plans with a few more clicks.

Then the counting. The counting and the noting down of the quantities and the checking and the double checking and the triple checking just to make sure.

Or RapidBid can count everything in under a second and drop the quantities into a spreadsheet.

Finally, five hours later, you can add in your prices, do a few more sums and have a bid ready to go.

Or you could have completed your bid and four more in the same amount of time by using RapidBid.

When you put it like that, the choice seems pretty obvious to us.

See time-saving plumbing software in action

Our free demo lets you see RapidBid and how it all works. Click the link below and request to see our plumbing estimating software for yourself. If you like it, when the new platform is ready for launch, you’ll be able to sign up for a small monthly fee that’ll cost you a few dollars a day.

Once you’ve tried RapidBid, and you’ve realised just how much time our simple and affordable plumbing software can save you on your bids and estimates, we think you’ll want to keep using it for years to come. Let’s see if we’re right.