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RapidBid Professional

$125.00 / month and a $697.00 sign-up fee

RapidBid Professional is Australia’s most powerful estimating tool. From the initial drawing previews through to the final estimating documents, the program will handle every aspect of your quoting process.

Note: A one-off payment of $697 for full setup and training also applies.

⠀Available for Windows⠀|⠀⠀Available with our Cloud Add-On



RapidBid Pro is Australia’s most powerful estimating tool.

From the second you open your tender folder to the point that you hand your client a completed estimate, RapidBid Professional provides you with accurate and powerful tools that save you hours on every single quote. Automated measuring, instant comparisons and accurate counting means that every figure in your automatically generated estimate will be completely correct.

The only thing RapidBid Professional can’t help you with is deciding how to spend all your newly free time.


  • File previewing and selecting tools
  • Show or hide elements on drawings
  • Telephone support and walk-throughs
  • Full linear, area and volume measuring
  • Auto Count technology
  • Generate estimates instantly based on your database of prices
  • Pre-populated estimate templates


After you complete the checkout process, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange your software download, installation and training.