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RapidBid Takeoff Software – Request a free demo

If you’re a roofer and you’re reading this page, you already know that you need roofing estimating software. You know that a roofing takeoff tool will make your job easier.

What you might not know is just how much easier your job, and your life, will be with RapidBid.

A computer program like RapidBid can’t help you carry roof tiles, and it can’t hold the ladder for you, but it’s still going to make a time-consuming part of your job easier.

In independent tests, our takeoff software helped roofers and other tradies put together bids 80% faster. It helps them be the first in and best dressed on important jobs. It gets them out of the office and back on site.

It’s going to do the same for you, why not see for yourself by signing up to our mailing list and requesting a free online demo?

Roofing Estimating and Takeoff software gives you lots of time, for not much money.

If you’re not convinced that a simple, easy-to-use piece of estimating software can really save you four hours on every single estimate or bid you write up, you might have blocked out just how much work goes into taking off and estimating even a small roofing project.

Let’s take a look at exactly what you need to do (click to expand each method below):

Option 1: The slow method
Option 2: Using RapidBid
Option 1: The slow method
  • Download the PDF file from the architect or the client
  • Unzip the file and click into each PDF drawing
  • Drag the drawings you need to a new folder
  • Send that folder to the printer and pay for full size print outs

(You’ve not started the takeoff yet. How much time and money have you spent so far?)

  • Take the first drawing, spread it out on the table and get your pencils, rulers, highlighter pens and your note pad.
  • Manually measure every part of the roof, work out each area and write them down
  • Colour and count up any other materials you’ll need and write them down
  • Check you’ve counted correctly
  • Open up a new spreadsheet and manually drop in all the numbers
  • Double check your numbers
  • Repeat for every other drawing
  • Drop in your material prices
  • Drop in your rates
  • Take the final estimated price and write up a bid document for your client
  • Send it to your client

That’s a lot of work. Too much work, if you ask us. More importantly, too much time the client isn’t even paying for.

Option 2: Using RapidBid
  • Download the PDF file as you normally would
  • Use the RapidReview tool to instantly preview the files you need. Clicking a button automatically adds them to a new folder
  • When you’re done, RapidBid opens your new folder
  • Drag and click to measure and scale areas automatically
  • Click a couple of times to identify materials and let RapidBid autocount them for you
  • Open the spreadsheet that RapidBid has compiled with those numbers
  • Drop in your prices
  • Drop in your rates
  • Write down the price on your bid
  • Send it to your client

Straight off the bat, that’s a shorter list.

And that’s before we’ve told you about using assemblies to calculate a list of components (all your felt, all your tiles) when you measure an area. That’s something roofers are going to get a whole lot of use out of.

But even without showing you all that, it’s looking like a good bet that RapidBid is going to save you those four hours after all! Along with all the other hours every month – as shown by our quick calculator.

See a free demo of our roofing software

We’re giving all Australian roofers and tradies the chance to see what RapidBid is all about, without having to purchase a full subscription. Simply click the link below and request a free roofing software demo to see the program in action.

After you’ve seen RapidBid’s roofing estimating tools for yourself, you can continue with one of our monthly packages. Prices work out from as little as a couple of dollars per day.

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