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Takeoff and price any job, up to 80% faster.

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Security and Fire Sprinkler Estimating Software

Estimate security and fire alarm prices quickly and easily

Your business installs security systems and fire alarms. So why is the most time consuming part of your job putting a bid together? RapidBid security alarm and fire sprinkler estimating software makes it quick and easy to takeoff plans for your bids and quotes, getting you out of the office and back on site where you belong.

Decades of industry experience and input from tradies all over Australia have gone into creating RapidBid’s estimating and bidding tools, and all that hard work’s delivered a tool that makes it easy for you to price up your alarm jobs.

Don’t waste another second on pencil and paper takeoffs.Request a demo of our security and fire estimating software and see just how much time you can save.

First in and best dressed for every bid.

It takes time to price up your bid for an alarm installation job. Most tradies say it takes up to five hours to takeoff the quantities for even a smaller installation, and it’s easy to see why when you break down what goes into taking off plans with a pencil.

First, you need to get hold of a copy of the architectural drawings. Then you need to work out which drawings apply to the alarm or fire system and which don’t. A trip to the printers later, and you’re finally ready to start the time consuming take off process, with all its scaling and manual counting.

First up, there’s the drawings themselves. Picking through tender folders, heading to the printers, all just to get the plans and start the process.

Next, there’s the manual colouring, scaling, measuring and counting. Every step of the way you’ve got to check and double check your numbers, and God help the tradie who loses the piece of paper with his quantities on before he’s finished the bid!

It’s no wonder everything takes so long. But it doesn’t have to. With RapidBid, we’ve automated as much as possible, and made the parts we can’t automate quick and easy.

Automatic counting, instant background removal, quick reviews for plans – every part of our security and fire sprinkler estimating software tool saves you another few minutes. And those minutes soon add up. To an average of four hours saved on every bid.

Four hours you can spend on site, or four hours enjoying yourself because you know your bid’s landed on your client’s desk four hours early.

Security and fire alarm estimating software for a couple of dollars a day

Time is money, but if you expect to spend thousands of dollars on the saving time with RapidBid, we’ve got a pleasant surprise for you. Our prices start from just a couple of dollars a day, making our estimating tool as affordable as it is useful.

Those couple of dollars don’t just get you the software. They also get you unlimited telephone support and a set of video walkthroughs so you always know just what you’re getting. Our savings calculator even shows you how much time and money you’ll save before you start your trial.

It’s time to put RapidBid to the test. Contact us about getting a trial of our security and fire sprinkler estimating software by clicking the link below and start planning what you’ll do with all that free time.