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Takeoff and price any job, up to 80% faster.

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Faster Bids with Road and Railway Software

Estimate road building and rail laying prices – and do it fast.

Digging roads and laying rails is a taxing job for tradies. There’s the hard work on site, with all the effort and the sweating. Unfortunately, we can’t make a computer program to help you with that. But there’s also the measuring and the scaling in the office. And our road and railway software can definitely help you with that.

You won’t need to waste another second on pencil and paper takeoffs, on manual scaling and on double checking your counts. Instead, you can turn on your PC, load RapidBid, and let the years of hard work our computer experts have put into this software do the work for you.

See how easy it is to price up road and rail jobs. Request a free demo of our road and railroad software and see just how easier it is to put together your bids.

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Make sure you’re always first in and best dressed

How long does it take to get an accurate estimate for your bids? We’ve spoken to tradies all over the world and they agree that even a small job with a few plans takes five hours to price up. A larger job (and who’s ever asking you to bid on a small railroad?) takes even longer, keeping you up late into the night with your pencils and your ruler when you should be running your business.

Instead of manually downloading and checking pictures, scaling and colouring by hand, and manually counting materials, RapidBid lets you takeoff a project on your computer screen, and gives you a helping hand every step of the way.

Automatic comparison makes it simple to find the right plans (and keeps your dollars out of the printer’s pockets). Automatic counting totals up all your materials in under a second, and easy measuring and scaling calculates the length of road or railway you need to work on.

Then, after you’ve finished the takeoff, RapidBid generates a spreadsheet filled with accurate numbers, just waiting for your rates and prices.

A job that used to take you five hours completed in one. Four free hours to bid on four more jobs, or get back on site, or to spend enjoying the benefits of all that hard work you do.

Not bad for a bit of computer software. Especially when you look at our calculator and see how much time you save on all the bids you prepare in a month.

Road and railway software for just a handful of dollars

RapidBid’s road estimating software isn’t as expensive as you might think. We’ve got three packages available to suit every budget, and every one of them pays for itself as soon as you win a single extra job. When you consider how many more bids you’ll put in throughout your career, it’s easy to see why RapidBid’s a definite win for your business.

Put RapidBid’s estimating tools to the test right now. Request a demo of our road and railway software by clicking the link below and we’ll walk you through a take-off. Then you can get down to business, imagining just what you can do with all that free time and all that extra profit.